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Wing in Ground effect vehicles have a long development time behind it, but our new generation of HIGHSHIP's must ensured, that the safety - up from the start about the flair modus till landing - can be guaranteed at all times under almost all weather conditions.

At every point in the construction, design, manufacturing and assembly process HIGHSHIP ensures its work complies with certification targets laid down by the Rules and Regulations of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) and as well by the Certification Regulations by Lloyds London. HIGHSHIP Industries has a network of key engineers who are able to deliever solutions at all stages in the complete process.

HIGHSHIP offers passengers a high comfort and much safety. At the flight barely over the water the HIGHSHIP has its runway quasi always with itself. In extremely unlikely emergencies, the vessel has the possibility to land on water anytime and to head for the nearest harbour with limited speed afterwards or to even reach its original destination on water.


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