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“Greener mode of transport”

The ground effect allows an extraordinarily economic as well as thrifty flight with considerably lower fuel consumption as in free flight.
Also regarding the fuel consumption, the HIGHSHIP offers considerable advantages in comparison to airplanes. Because the HIGHSHIP will move over the water at low altitudes, it doesn't require any coldresistant fuels like airplanes, which are exposed to temperatures from minus 50 degrees and more in the stratosphere.
The use of gas oil or marine diesel oil or even also heavy fuel oil is principally possible. These fuels are created out of the crude oil with the extraction of high-quality carburettor fuels or kerosene to an essentially higher share than these namely. The application of bio fuels etc. is in principle possible as well which certainly becomes ever more interesting in future.
The HIGHSHIP glides quietly above the water surface after a short start phase. The sound emissions are low. The HIGHSHIP therefore should not be louder than normal traffic noise.


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